Hey there! 

My name is Aurora, and welcome to my online art shop! 

Growing up in Minneapolis, MN as a geeky black girl who loved sci-fi, I didn't see a lot of media made for me or that represented me in any way. My art and a small group of black female comic characters kept my imagination alive. Today, my art is still my source of strength. And I hope it can be yours too. 

When I set out to make Aurora's Gallery a reality, I wanted to create a place of possibilities. Where anyone can find art that speaks to them and makes them smile. I've always been inspired by the galaxy and as you can see it has heavily influenced my art. I love the stars, the universe, and the future. 

To buy from Aurora's Gallery means you are supporting an independent artist and that small action is more than words can express. I want to share my art with the world and your support ensures I can continue to do so. 

Take a look around, come back anytime, I hope you enjoy it,


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